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Coaching is about developing tools and techniques you can use to tackle challenges, build relationships, reduce stress, and practice self-care. For stepmoms learning to navigate this role, the support and collaboration that comes with coaching can be invaluable.   

"Taking time for yourself ensures a healthier mind and a happier you" (Jenna Korf)

Can Coaching Help You? 

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"Very informative and great advice! I look forward to the next one... Great job Erin!" (Kelly)

"The video was helpful in terms of the topics and your insights! I appreciate the workshop! (Kerry)

"I think this video is a great idea! Would have been really helpful at the start [of my steplife journey] :)  Overall it was great!" (Cherie)

Stepmoms have a challenging and complex role. As the divorce rate for second marriages is higher than for first, there is a clear need for support and coaching for stepmoms and couples with blended families. Even "easy" situations have their challenges! 

Stepmom Coaching and Support

Erin J. Careless(PhD cand., M.A.Ed.)

What is Coaching?