"Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation..."

(Audre Lorde)

Join me for The Steplife Stepmom Retreat! 

This is an empowering weekend retreat, where you will meet with other amazing stepmoms, learn, share, connect, and restore! 

Do you feel exhausted and overwhelmed? Are you constantly trying to meet the needs of others, particularly your stepkids and partner? Are you feeling caught in the middle of your new family and the "ex"? Do you feel like you've lost yourself in your role as a stepmom? Well... you're not alone, and we stepmamas stick together... 

At the Steplife Stepmom Retreat you will attend workshops which have been designed to help you find a new peace in your role as a stepmom. I am a Certified Stepfamily Coach and have researched the stepmom experience for my PhD. Most importantly, I'm also a stepmom and a mom. 

As well as helpful and informative workshops, there will be lots of time to bond with a group of wonderful stepmoms, recharging your batteries, and social nights out!

Here's the info...  

Date: ​October 20-22, 2017
Location: Novotel Hotel Mississauga
Single occupancy $525/person

this gets you...
2 nights in the hotel 
2 breakfasts, 1 lunch
All workshops, give-aways, information

Double occupancy $395/person
this gets you...
2 nights in the hotel (with an awesome roomie!)
2 breakfasts, 1 lunch
All workshops, give-aways, information

What will we talk about in the 


I'm glad you asked...

​Here are a few of the workshops

you will be attending:

"You're Not My Mom" and "They're Not My Kids": Step Dilemmas and How to Deal

"Who Am I?" Keeping Yourself and Your Sanity in the Stepfamily

"From the Ground Up": Building a Strong Foundation for Your Marriage

There will also be a guest panel of stepfamily and blended family experts answering YOUR questions!

At The Steplife Stepmom Retreat we will talk kids, marriage, self-care, boundaries, sex, and the ex, and much, much more! 

​Email me for more information 

and to reserve your spot today!


I look forward to seeing YOU there!

Taking care of YOU is the first step to a stronger, healthier family. 

Breathe deep, love deeper,